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An overview of VAKATI, its businesses, values and commitment, and its management. It also gives details of its long and illustrious Feature, and the personalities who founded and enriched it.

Our Team



Ravichandra Reddy Director Vakati Groups An intellect with a proficiency in Designing solutions to global industrial technical issues with a demonstrated history of working in the online media industry. Skilled in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Adsense, Microsoft Word, Oracle Database, and PHP. Strong business development professional with a BBA Standerd focused in 70 plus industries from IIBS Bangalore. He currently works on exploring the business in finding solutions on data analytics and interpretation, turning technical complexities to simplicity through innovations. His goal is that no start up should fail in their intermediate phases, hence coming with new technical launches on Oct in the name of O6fest and commencing an INTERNATIONAL STARTUPS SUMMIT in it.

Chaithanya Kumar K

Director to Chief advisory council,

A global marketing strategist and a guide to Vakati business excellence. A Vice President to Vidya Veda Foundation which is a global supporting partner of Vakati. As a part of Vakati solutions being a part of Startups guide, Vidya Veda foundation has become official supporters to support youth for their new start ups across globe being their vision to find Globe as “Smart Globe” in next 20years. Having trust on Vakati can do it through its unique solutions, a strategic move taken by the foundation.

Sushmitha Vulapalli

Executive & Technology Assistance

Fiduciary for Long-Term Technical Strategy: As an E&TA we effectively hold, develop, articulate, and continually evolve the company's strategic technical direction.

Uday Namatheerdhala

Cloud Developer & Cloud Administrator

As a part of VAKATI Cloud Systems Administrator, works in a mixed Unix and Windows virtual environment managing cloud infrastructure services and multiple cloud server instances and perform the following tasks to prepare the Cloud Management service: Install and configure the Cloud Management application for the provider (for example, AWS, Azure, or VMware)


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  • Hyderabad, Telangana, India

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